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Panna cotta

Milk, cream with vanilla flavor refined with strawberry, raspberry or caramel sauce


Gluten free

Tartufo ice cream

Variant 1: Classico, made from vanilla and chocolate ice cream, cream, chocolate sauce, chocolate drops and fruit

Variant 1: Bianco, made from zabaglione and mocha ice cream, cream, eggnog and mocha sauce and fruit

version 1


Variant 2


Cassata Siciliana

Sicilian-style ice cream with vanilla and pistachio ice cream, candied fruits and pistachio sauce


Gluten free


homemade tiramisù with café and rum


Crema Catalana

Cream made from milk, cream, egg yolk and lemon flavor, caramelized with cane sugar


Gluten free

Warm chocolate soufflè

Variant 1: with a liquid chocolate core
Variant 2: with a liquid core made of white chocolate with Amarena cherries
Variant 3: with a liquid pistachio core


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