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The story of Enzo from 1945 to †2022

From an early age he was drawn to far away places, far away from his homeland, beautiful Sicily. Back in the 1960s, when he was just 18, Enzo was working as an Italian guest worker in Germany and I got to know and love the country, the language and the people.


Some time later, thanks to his cousin, Salvatore, he came to the beautiful imperial city of Goslar.

Far away from home, he worked for some time in a wide variety of factories (including the employers Natronag and HC Starck) and for various construction companies in Goslar and the surrounding area in order to build a better life for himself with a lot of zeal and overtime. Even then, he had the desire to open his own Italian restaurant one day and to be able to live out his joy in cooking.

In just a few years, with the help of a wide variety of jobs, he was able to afford his own small apartment (at that time the guest workers lived in barracks) and even his own car (a red Ford bathtub). This fact motivated him a lot and his dream of becoming self-employed one day intensified.


At the age of 25, the opportunity arose to work for the taxi company Blankenstein from Goslar, where he had a wonderful and unforgettable time for 10 years, and thus to enjoy a certain degree of independence. This time shaped him a lot, but he knew even then that life had other plans for him.

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From guest worker to successful restaurateur







So it happened that one day he was finally able to realize his own dream of self-employment. In 1980 he opened his first small restaurant in Altenau called Restaurant Etna. A wonderful time began that he never forgot...

In 1983, however, Enzo moved back to Goslar and opened the Restaurant da Enzo on Christian-vom-Dom Platz.

Just two years later he had a unique opportunity: he became the owner of the premises on Spitalstrasse and continued to run the Ristorante da Enzo there. 

In 1992 he expanded the premises by another hall. A long and unforgettable time continued.

In 2007 he then decided to downsize his restaurant and choose a location closer to the city centre. So it came about that he opened the Trattoria Da Enzo on Bäckerstraße.


He lived his dream to the end and spoiled his guests with genuine Italian and Sicilian cuisine in a cozy and warm atmosphere. According to the motto: Not like the Italians, but like in Italy. One thing was particularly important to him: to bring you closer to his culinary homeland. The homeland that he left a long time ago but always carried in his heart: Sicily!

The love and passion for spoiling the guests and taking them away to the Mediterranean joie de vivre for a moment drove him to invest in a new business idea.

In mid-2011 he finally opened the lovingly furnished holiday apartments Casa da Enzo directly above the trattoria.

After our father had to stop all his activities at the beginning of 2020 for health reasons, the whole family took over the businesses with the same dedication and passion. Together we continue our father's lifelong dream, trattoria and apartments. Mediterranean lifestyle in the middle of the old town of Goslar. Benvenuti alla Casa da Enzo!

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